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Get Answers to your CrossFit Questions

We have gotten a lot of questions about the Open.  Here are the answers. 

1.) The Open is for everyone!

2.) There are 5 workouts spanning 5 weeks

3.) Workouts are released on Friday mornings in Japan and the deadline for score submission is the following Tuesday morning

4.) Scaled and Rx versions of each workout are available

5.) Choosing to do scaled on one work out does not mean you have to do scaled on all workouts (and vice versa)

6.) If you do not hope to log every score, you do not have to complete every workout (or complete every workout as specified in terms of weights, etc.)

7.) There is a CrossFit Games app you can download for easy access to workout details and logging your workouts

8.) Registration is 20USD and can be completed by following this link:

9.) You do not have to officially register on to come to Saturdays' events. Only if you want to join the leaderboard with everyone else around the world. 

10.) You still have time to Register. The official deadline to register and submit your first score is Tuesday at 9 am.

11.) If you are taking pictures at the gym and posting to social media use the hashtag #ChikaraOpen so we can find it and celebrate with you!

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Wind Akasaka II Bldg. B1F
Minato, Tokyo 107-0052