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Muscleup Tips At Chikara CrossFit

Foundations is an introductory course for new members that teaches the simplest movements they need to know to begin training in group classes at Chikara.

They learn how to squat, lift from the floor and press overhead with a barbell.

Simple Gymnastics movements like push ups, pull ups, dips and box jumps are introduced, as well as running and skipping technique. Equipment commonly used in training, particularly the rower and air bike are also introduced.

Over six individual sessions with one of our knowledgable coaches, each beginner will learn and practice correct movement and how to properly perform the Workout of the Day or "WOD". Here we implement an important concept called scaling. This means changing elements of the WOD to suit the ability of the athlete performing it.

This could mean many things, depending on the intent of the workout. Loads can be made lighter to allow the athlete to be challenged yet complete the workout with good form. If there is a movement that the athlete cannot do because of lack of strength or skill, a simplified version can be done. For example, if the workout calls for Pull Ups, we can do ring rows, jumping pull ups or controlled negatives instead. Understanding and applying appropriate scaling is essential for the long-term development of an athlete. New athletes have many opportunities to gauge their current level throughout the course.

Beyond the movements, important topics such as workout tracking, nutrition, and potential dangers of training are discussed to enrich new trainees' education.



Over 25 different movements are covered in Foundations. The 11 below make up the backbone of the course.

  • Air Squat, Front Squat, Back Squat, Overhead Squat
  • Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift High Pull, Clean
  • Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk

For video demonstrations of these movements and more, check out our YouTube playlist of the CrossFit Movements.


Why these Movements?

We use these movements because they are functional. By this, we mean:

  • Essential to daily life and activity, with direct carryover to elite sport & human performance
  • Safe when performed with proper technique and load
  • Effective multi-joint movements that demand and develop neurological (think balance and coordination) and organic qualities (think strength and flexibility)

The benefit of learning and practicing these movements (especially ones you're not good at) is unparalleled in comparison to other non-functional movements.



We believe that a solid foundation is essential to long-term progress in fitness. Our Foundations course is designed to provide new members with the tools and knowledge to continue to the next step in their journey in fitness: Chikara CrossFit group classes.



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